Immune Support

Fucoidan from brown seaweed support immune health via the gut, says recent pilot study

August 10, 2020

A recent pilot study published in Marine Drugs found that fucoidan, a brown seaweed-derived bioactive polysaccharide, may support gut markers of immunity and inflammation.

New immune formulation combines four ingredients with patented VESIsorb delivery system

August 06, 2020

Geocann is introducing a new 4-in-1 immune health formulation that combines the benefits of curcumin (50 mg), cannabidiol (15 mg; CBD), beta-caryophyllene (7 mg; BCP), and vitamin D3 (200 IU).

Pharmavite study finds immune health nutrient intakes below estimated average requirement

August 05, 2020

A study recently published in Nutrients found that there may be an inadequate intake of immune health-related nutrients.