Alzheimer’s study sheds light on how DHA absorbed in brains with cognitive decline

August 07, 2020

APOE4—a gene variant linked to inflammation in the brain and a known factor for increasing Alzheimer’s disease risk may reduce delivery of DHA and EPA to the brain before the onset of cognitive impairment, requiring higher doses of DHA.

New AI-based system, MedicascyAI, predicts where ingredients will have significant impact

July 28, 2020

Medicascy Artificial Intelligence Solutions Platform is a new technology that uses artificial intelligence to predict, in just a few weeks, where ingredients will have significant impact, cutting research and development time while improving the product.

Seniors and supplements: Making dietary supplements easier for seniors to take

July 28, 2020

Supplement brands that cater to savvy seniors had better consider the demographic’s unique needs when designing their products.