Fun Facts

How many eggs per chicken?

February 19, 2020

Fun fact! There are approximately 280 million egg-laying chickens in the U.S. Each chicken produces between 250 and 300 eggs per year.

Cinnamon types

February 12, 2020

Fun Fact! Cinnamon comes in many varieties, including Cassia cinnamon (native to China and most commonly sold in the U.S.) and Ceylon cinnamon (native to Sri Lanka).

Who is Johnny Appleseed?

February 5, 2020

Fun Fact! American pioneer and nurseryman John Chapman, also known as “Johnny Appleseed,” born in 1774, is credited with introducing apples to America’s Midwest.

Chamomile types

January 29, 2020

Fun Fact! There are two types of chamomile, German and Roman.

Ginkgo’s history in China

January 22, 2020

Fun Fact! Ginkgo has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. In early times, Chinese royalty were given ginkgo nuts for senility.

Largest chicken egg

January 15, 2020

Fun Fact! The world’s largest chicken egg was recorded in 2010 as measuring 9.1 inches in diameter. It was laid by a brave hen in the UK named Harriet.

Apples through the ages

January 8, 2020

Fun Fact! Apples are thought to have been eaten by humans for at least 750,000 years.

Industrial hemp yield

December 18, 2019

Fun Fact! One acre of hemp can yield an average of 700 pounds of grain, which can be pressed into 22 gallons of oil and 530 pounds of meal. The same acreage will also produce an average of 5,300 pounds of straw that can be transformed into approximately 1,300 pounds of fiber.

Bees work hard

December 18, 2019

Fun Fact! This is what is required to produce 1 kg of honey: one million flowers and 50,000 bee flights, with 40 mg of nectar collected during each flight (2 g nectar=1 g honey). Each beehive can produce about 20 kg of honey each year.