Brain Health

Alzheimer’s study sheds light on how DHA absorbed in brains with cognitive decline

August 07, 2020

APOE4—a gene variant linked to inflammation in the brain and a known factor for increasing Alzheimer’s disease risk may reduce delivery of DHA and EPA to the brain before the onset of cognitive impairment, requiring higher doses of DHA.

New study shows the safety and efficacy of nootropic Alpinia galanga extract

August 04, 2020

With the rise in popularity of nootropic ingredients, and the demand for natural, caffeine free alternatives, the present study shows that EnXtra can be a viable and safe solution for finished product manufacturers.

Beyond CBD: Exploring other hemp cannabinoids’ health benefits

July 29, 2020

As consumers—and researchers—grow curious about hemp’s other cannabinoids, what health gains might they find?