Stratum Nutrition acquires novel sage ingredient from Sibelius Natural Products


Stratum Nutrition has announced the acquisition of Sibelius: Sage, a proprietary sage extract with clinically-supported memory and attention benefits.

Photo © Hempel

Photo © Hempel

Stratum Nutrition (Carthage, MO) has announced the acquisition of Sibelius: Sage, a proprietary sage extract with clinically-supported memory and attention benefits.

“This unique ingredient aligns with our mission to provide science-backed ingredients that support overall health and well-being,” said Micah Osborne, president and CEO of Stratum Nutrition, in a press release. “Sibelius: Sage has demonstrated promising research results, and we are excited to collaborate with our customers to develop innovative new products featuring this effective ingredient.”

“We’re delighted that the first of our in-house developed product lines has found such a good home, and we look forward to supporting Stratum in the future success of Sibelius: Sage as we turn to develop the next generation ingredients in our portfolio,” says Peter Leyland, CEO of Sibelius Natural Products.

Other ingredients in Sibelius’ portfolio includes a lycopene-rich tomato extract, Sibelius: Lactomato, Sibelius: Chamomile, a chaga extract called Sibelius: MyceliAid, and a beetroot extract called Sibelius: UpBiet. Stratum Nutrition is known for its NEM brand eggshell membrane, and distributes ingredients such as Bimuno GOS Prebiotic from Clasado Biosciences, and Ahiflower, in addition to a wide range of other ingredients.

ThinkingLinking was Sibelius Natural Products' advisor on the sale and negotiated the transaction. ThinkingLinking explains a press release that the sale is part of Sibelius' strategy. The company explains that Sibelius uses its patented Chronoscreen technology to identify efficacious ingredients by evaluating thousands of botanicals against each other, testing their efficacy, and bringing them to market and profitability. Through this "value creation model" the sale of a successfully commercialized products is supposed to fund further developments that allow the company to grow without capital injection.

“This is the first example of taking our value creation model from genesis to divestiture,” said Leyland, in a press release. “The funds will be channeled directly into developing a range of promising products that have come out of our Chronoscreen technology and then expanding their markets globally.”

“We are pleased to have selected Stratum Nutrition," added Mark Dixon, chief thinking officer of ThinkingLinking. "We looked at a number of suitors but quickly determined it was the optimal partner for our client’s valuable asset based on the synergies between the two businesses and the very promising outlook.”

Updated on Thursday, May 7th at 1:11PM to include ThinkingLinking's advisory role and information about Sibelius' "value creation model."

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