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calcium on periodic table
Cracking the code: Advancements in calcium absorption and nutritional understanding

July 23rd 2024

Recent research conducted by ILSI U.S. and Canada – a global, nonprofit federation dedicated to advancing precompetitive research in the food, nutrition and health realms – and partially funded by Balchem, has shed light on how to improve predictions of Ca bioavailability across different food matrices.

closeup of ahiflower
In a recent study, Ahilflower oil significantly increased EPA omega-3 levels in humans

July 23rd 2024

woman holding the back of her head
Recent study finds that Keragen-IV may reduce hair loss and support skin elasticity

July 18th 2024

illustration of neurons
Recent animal study finds that Lysoveta may help reduce neonatal brain injury

July 17th 2024

kids huddled around staring down at camera
Sabinsa’s LactoSpore shown in study to be safe and effective in children experiencing acute diarrhea

July 16th 2024

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