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woman clutching stomach in pain
Study finds that enzyme fructanase, which may help with digestion of high FODMAP foods, is safe and tolerable

July 11th 2024

A recent study found that a non-genetically modified, wild-type fructanase preparation manufactured by Bio-Cat as Optiziome Fructanase (previously known as Optiziome Inulinase) was well-tolerated and safe, compared to placebo.

group of children looking down at camera
EpiCor may support immune health in children according to recently published study

July 9th 2024

DNA illustration
DNA barcoding study retracted by BMC Medicine

July 9th 2024

illustration of the heart
Meta-analysis does not find increased risk of bleeding events from omega-3 PUFA consumption

July 8th 2024

older women taking supplement
Study finds that probiotic blend supports estrogen levels in menopausal women

July 3rd 2024

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