Entrinsic Bioscience presents new study showing that oral rehydration products are more effective when amino acids are included


The company presented the new research during the Digestive Disease Week conference held in May.

Photo © AdobeStock.com/Jag_cz

Photo © AdobeStock.com/Jag_cz

New research out of life science company Entrinsic Bioscience (Norwood, MA) shows that an oral rehydration (ORS) product formulated with amino acids is superior at increasing electrolyte and fluid absorption than the standard oral rehydration product proposed by the World Health Organization. The preclinical research, performed in rodents, was led by Entrinsic’s founder and scientific advisory board chair Sadasivan Vidyasagar, MBBS, PhD, and conducted by scientists at Entrinsic Bioscience and the University of Florida. Vidyasagar presented the new study results at Digestive Disease Week, held May 6-9 in Chicago.

“The study demonstrated that Entrinsic’s AA-ORS [amino acid oral rehydration] was superior to WHO-ORS in increasing electrolyte and fluid absorption in the presence of cholera toxin, decreasing epithelial anion channel activity and improving intestinal barrier function. This advanced ORS formulation will now undergo testing in clinical trials for validation as a new treatment option in patients with infectious diarrhea,” the company’s press release states.

These findings will also lead to the next generation of rehydration science, it adds, calling the results “a breakthrough in rehydration technology.”

“This study builds on Entrinsic Bioscience’s extensive research demonstrating the potential for amino acids to be an important advance over sugar in oral rehydration solutions,” said Charles Moh, president, Entrinsic consumer healthcare, in the press release. “This preclinical study demonstrated the superiority of the Entrinsic amino acid–based ORS in increasing electrolyte and fluid absorption and improving intestinal barrier function.” Earlier this year, the company introduced its Enterade IBS-D product.

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