SunActive iron’s better absorption benefits food, beverages, and supplements: IFT FIRST 2023 Preview


Taiyo GmbH will share results of a recent study showing that its SunActive ingredient offers superior absorption.

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Taiyo GmbH (Gevelsberg, Germany) will show food, beverage, and dietary supplement makers the benefits of its highly bioavailable SunActive Fe iron ingredient at the 2023 IFT FIRST Food Expo taking place in Chicago on July 16-19, 2023, at booth S3822. At the show, the company will share results of a recent study showing that SunActive offers superior absorption.

According to Taiyo, a new study published in the International Journal of Scientific Study1 comparing SunActive Fe with other common and commercially available iron ingredients found that unlike other iron ingredients, SunActive Fe is absorbed by the intestines through a process called endocytosis. According to the company, “Because this is a novel pathway for iron absorption that is different from all other iron-absorption pathways, it could explain SunActive Fe’s better bioavailability versus other iron pyrophosphate materials that are made of particles that are too large to be absorbed by endocytosis.”

This superior bioavailability makes SunActive Fe an ideal option for formulators of iron-containing foods, beverages, and dietary supplements since the ingredient avoids side effects that some other iron supplements might cause, including stomach irritation or a metallic-iron taste.

The company adds that “SunActive Fe’s patented delivery system creates endosomal iron pyrophosphate particles that perfectly disperse in water, creating a stable dispersion. The particle size is small enough to be directly absorbed by cells via a process called endocytosis, which is a well-known absorption pathway of liposomes. SunActive Fe is useful for various applications as it is stable against heat, salt, pH, and oxidation.”


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