Sibelius has secured a grant from Balvi philanthropic fund


Sibelius has secured a grant from Balvi philanthropic fund to study its chamomile extract for its potential benefits in Long COVID sufferers

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Sibelius Natural Products (Oxford, UK) has won funding from the Balvi philanthropic fund, which was established by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to support COVID research. The award will support continued development of Sibelius’ Roman chamomile extract, particularly emphasizing applications for the support of Long COVID.

There is a lack of clear consensus on the underlying causes of Long COVID, but pathological inflammation, particularly within the vasculature, has been widely proposed as a key driving mechanism. The company’s Roman chamomile extract has been shown in preclinical models of vascular cells to reduce key inflammatory markers, suggesting a potential to counter drivers of Long COVID. Sibelius will work together with Professor Mohamed Zaibi from the The Institute of Biomedical and Biosciences Research at the University of Buckingham to help demonstrate these potential benefits.

“We are really excited by the potential of Sibelius: Chamomile, and this funding will help us to push forward with the extract in an area that we hope could have a significant impact on the quality of life for many people suffering the debilitating symptoms of Long COVID ” said Kieron Edwards, PhD, MBA, CSO at Sibelius, in a press release.

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