Delivery Systems

Standard Process launches HMO-based prebiotic supplement

July 23, 2020

Standard Process has developed a product called GI Stability which is an innovative formula combining 2’-Fucosyllactose (2’-FL) HMO, Collinsonia root, and whole food ingredients beet and okra powder to support healthy gut microbiome.

Hemp Synergistics launches highly concentrated powdered hemp oil

July 22, 2020

Hemp Synergistics LLC has released a highly concentrated powdered hemp oil called Bio-Dri, allowing manufacturers to combine easily with other ingredients across delivery formats.

English retailer launches first effervescent with Gencor's Levagen PEA

July 09, 2020

Holland & Barrett International, an English health and wellness retailer, launched Vitaboost Levagen, an effervescent with Gencor’s Levagen PEA.