Colorcon’s new Nutrafinish TiO2-free coating system targets high-volume production


The new coating system is said to reduce manufacturing time while enabling a TiO2-free label claim.

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Colorcon (Harleysville, PA), a supplier of film coating systems and excipients, has introduced a new coating system called Nutrafinish that enables a titanium dioxide–free (TiO2-free) label claim. At the same time, the system is said to accommodate high-volume production and reduce manufacturing time.

“With increasing pressure from consumers for label-friendly ingredients, there is a continuing drive, in most markets, to eliminate the use of TiO2 in food supplements,” the company’s press release states. “To stay ahead, manufacturers must not only meet consumer demands but also ensure use of speedy and effective coatings that enhance product appearance.”

Nutrafinish provides a high-quality coating with good opacity, the firm adds. Annabel Bordmann, Film Coatings General Manager at Colorcon, added, “Food supplements tablets often contain ingredients that have a speckled or unsightly appearance, and therefore coatings with good coverage are needed. However, as the nutraceutical industry is very cost driven, manufacturing efficiency and total cost-in-use are key. This new coating system reduces manufacturing time while delivering the TiO2-free label-friendly claim the industry and consumers are demanding.”

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