Roquette completes Qualicaps acquisition

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Qualicaps’s portfolio and pharmaceutical-related equipment expand Roquette’s presence in the pharma business and its dosage solution offerings.

Roquette (La Madeleine, France), a supplier of plant-based ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients, announced the completion of its acquisition of Qualicaps from the Mitsubishi Chemical Group. As the third-largest producer of hard capsules, Qualicaps’s portfolio and pharmaceutical-related equipment grow Roquette’s capabilities, Roquette says.

“This strategic investment offers Roquette the ability to expand the global footprint of its pharmaceutical business, as well as enrich its offerings of oral dosage solutions,” Roquette’s press release states. “Roquette’s deep knowledge and expertise in the development of pharmaceutical excipients will be further enhanced by Qualicaps’s expertise in capsules, as well as by their assets and infrastructure.”

“The newly combined business will offer the most diverse solutions, with a full range of hard and soft capsules, fillers and binders, disintegrants, and other solutions,” it adds.

Qualicaps’s workforce of 1,400 employees throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas now brings Roquette’s employee count to 10,000 people worldwide. Roquette operates in more than 100 countries.