SolvEat’s botanical blend for blood sugar now formulated into chocolate bar


The ingredient contains a blend of herbs said to support balanced blood sugar levels, including golden thread, Chinese foxglove, and Hawthorn berries.

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Food-tech startup firm SolvEat (Tel Aviv, Israel), which created a patent-pending botanical-blend ingredient for blood sugar support, announced it has formulated the ingredient into a chocolate bar prototype. The company displayed the prototype at November’s Fi Europe trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

The botanical blend combines eight herbs that the company says “work together to support balanced blood sugar levels.” These include golden thread (Coptis chinensis), Chinese foxglove (Rehmannia glutinosa), and Hawthorn berries (Crataegus pinnatifida).

A company press release states: “In vitro analysis confirmed the composition’s sugar-balancing effect on muscle cells, one of the body’s biggest consumers of sugar. The results demonstrated a significant uptake of excess glucose, comparable to the action of insulin.”

The company claims that the ingredient’s benefits were similarly promising when delivered in the form of the chocolate bar. SolvEat worked with chocolate company Ornat Ltd. to develop the bar.

“In a preliminary clinical observation, the herb-infused chocolate demonstrated significant abilities to reduce blood sugar by 10%-24% in 10 out of 12 prediabetic participants,” the press release states, adding that the company is now sponsoring a clinical trial to further observe effects.

The company also notes that the blend is efficacious at a low dose. It says microencapsulation helps the ingredient work in a variety of food applications without impacting flavor.

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