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Recent study finds that Keragen-IV may reduce hair loss and support skin elasticity

July 18th 2024

A recently published study found that a novel keratin-based formulation called Keragen-IV from AIDP Inc. was able to support the skin and hair health in women.

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Solabia Nutrition to collaborate with Radboud University’s Medical Center on Dermaphenolics project

June 18th 2024

Collameta collagen tripeptide
Glanbia Nutritionals announces launch of high potency collagen tripeptide ingredient

June 4th 2024

picture of spider veins
Recent study finds that French maritime bark extract, Pycnogenol, may reduce hyperpigmentation

May 21st 2024

collagen peptides
Rousselot launches Nextida, a collagen peptide platform for targeted health benefits

May 14th 2024

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