Study shows potential skin health benefits of tomato-based carotenoid ingredient Lumenato


Pre-clinical study shows that Lumenato protects type III collagen from damage resulting from inflammation.

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A recent pre-clinical study1 shows that Lumenato, an ingredient from Lycored (Beer-Sheva, Israel), may support skin health by preserving collagen levels in the skin. The ingredient is composed of of 0.55% lycopene, 24.06% phytoene, 6.75% phytofluene, 11.27% tocopherols, 0.61% b-carotene, 3.15% phytosterols, 7.48% zeta-carotene, gamma carotene 0.16% and tomato seed oil. Specifically, the ingredient may protect Type III collagen from being damaged by neutrophils following exposure to UV rays.

UV rays can induce inflammation in multiple ways. It has been reported, say the researchers, that following exposure to UV radiation, immune cells called neutrophils infiltrate the epidermis and dermis. These neutrophils are packed with proteolytic enzymes for clearance of UV-induced apoptotic cells and for killing skin cells with oxidized surface lipids. However, the neutrophils are also capable of degrading collagen and elastic fibers. Synthesis of type III collagen is typically lower in aged and photodamaged skin due to damage it suffers in response to inflammation.

In the study, Lumenato was added to normal human dermal fibroblast cultures that were also exposed to neutrophils activated with TNF-alpha. Results showed that Lumenato prevented damage of type III collagen by neutrophils in a dose-dependent manner, and also induced a low rate of type III collagen synthesis in a dose-dependent manner.

“Our skin is impacted by both internal and environmental challenges that may accelerate skin aging. This can initiate a cascade of events that includes local damage such as inflammatory and oxidative damage and leads to collagen degradation and visible aging of the skin,” said Karin Hermoni, head of product and science at Lycored, in a press release. “This research shows that Lumenato could play an important role in balancing the skin’s response. With high concentrations of phytofluene and phytoene, Lumenato harnesses the natural power of the tomato to support skin from the inside out and help us age beautifully.”


  1. Solomonov Y et al. “Lumenato protects normal human dermal fibroblasts from neutrophil-induced collagen-3 damage in co-cultures.” PLoS One, vol. 16, no. 3 (2021)
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