SynForU™- HerCare: Empowering "HER" With Clinically Validated Probiotics

Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (VVC) affects 75% of reproductive-age women, it is especially common during pregnancy due to higher estrogen levels and glycogen content in vaginal secretions. The latest clinical study conducted in pregnant subjects showed that SynForU™-HerCare, Lactobacilli probiotics reduce vulvovaginal symptoms, decrease emotional stress, reduce impairment of daily activities attributed to the infection, and improve defecation times. Download the whitepaper to find out how clinically validated probiotics can promote women's wellness inside-out.



COVID-19 and the Dietary Supplement Supply Chain: Surviving Supply Chain Shocks Long-Term

How have rapidly changing demand cycles impacted dietary supplement supply chains? And how are companies arming themselves and their supply chains to manage future change? Time and Date: Sept. 24, 2020 at 2pm EDT | 1pm CDT | 11am PDT On demand available after airing until Sept. 24, 2021.

Caroline Hadfield


Clean beauty: How biotech plays a critical role

Biotechnology can produce sustainable, traceable ingredients for the clean beauty market.

Katie Fillinger
Katie Fillinger


cGMP Certification Options: What’s the best path for your business?

Katie Fillinger of NSF International’s Health Sciences Certification program explains some possible cGMP certification pathways.

Michael Baumann, PhD


Switching to a plant-based softgel?

Experts discuss the challenges and solutions you need to know about.

Manali Dalvi


As nutraceutical and pharmaceutical firms compete for a bigger slice of the healthcare market, delivery innovations like pelletization will help them stand out

How pelletization can give the nutraceutical industry a boost, according to experts from Vantage Nutrition and ACG Capsules.

Carolina Galli


Model digestion: One company describes its new in vitro model for screening how nutrients are absorbed, digested, and made bioaccessible

To determine the model’s effectiveness, researchers used the model to examine the chemical effect of digestion in stomach and intestine on a range of nutritional components.

Emily Ann Smith


Plant-based meat and dairy: What are consumers’ biggest purchase drivers?

Market researcher FMCG Gurus shares survey insights on what’s influencing consumer decisions to buy plant-based products.

Alan E. Shugarman


Methods for Healthier Raw-Material Selection

As our industry moves forward defining and redefining itself in both form and function, the entire basis for creating products that are both healthy and profitable takes on a whole new dimension. As research focuses more on which active components in botanicals and herbs have beneficial effects on the human condition, we are faced with decisions about which ones work most effectively in our bodies.

Alan Richman


Thermogenic Ingredients and Weight

How fat-burning ingredients are contributing to America’s fight against an expanding waistline

Alan Rillorta


The ABCs of Formulating with Plant Proteins

Key formulation priorities to consider when choosing your plant proteins

Aldo Bernasconi


Who Buys Omega-3s?

A GOED survey evaluates the characteristics of omega-3 consumers in the United States and abroad.

Alex Lebeau


Ingredient Identification in the Time of FSMA

What firms must know in terms of specifications, verification, and validation

Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, FACN, CFS


Published Studies Give Dietary Supplements Credibility, but Watch Out for Bad Journals

Don’t become the next victim of “predatory” journals and conferences.

Amber Jechort


How Digital Printers-Yes, Printers-Can Help Companies Keep Up with Food Trends

Food trends turn on a whim. Digital printers help food marketers stay nimble when launching the product du jour.

Amy Clewell


Child Vitamin Doses: Small Doses, Big Issues

Child supplement doses present unique challenges.

Andreas Koch


Omega-3 Brand Perspectives

With more forms and sources of omega fatty acids on the market, customers have more choices than ever before. Here’s why more options-and not fewer-are better for everyone.

Andrew Shao


In Response: Differing on Vitamin D

Why IOM and experts don’t agree on recommended vitamin D levels.

Angela Dorsey-Kockler


NDI Regulations: Challenges Facing Botanicals

Anticipating FDA’s eventual release of new dietary ingredient (NDI) guidance, the greatest challenge the botanicals industry will face depends on whether the new guidelines will allow ingredients to be grandfathered in simply by ingredient name, or if they will be grandfathered in by specific production method.

Anh Thu V. Tran


Getting Your Flavonoids

Originally Published

Anil Andrade


Problems with Capsule Filling?

Originally Published

Antoinette Y. Odendaal


Prebiotic Ingredients: Nondigestible Oligosaccharides

Nondigestible oligosaccharides act as prebiotics. But are some more effective than others?

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