Judy Blatman


Dog parents are all-in for the biotics

Awareness and interest in pre-, pro-, and postbiotics in the human supplement space is translating to the pet health space.

Damien Stringer, PhD


Fucoidan for the future: Ensuring the sustainability of fucoidan

In the nutrition products market, a recent surge of interest in marine ingredients has led to increased interest in the sustainability of marine sources.

Itay Shafat, PhD


Food for the Brain: The promise of cognitive-health functional foods

Interest is rising in brain-health foods, writes one company, pointing to two examples of promising ingredients.

Melanie Bulger, Clasado Biosciences


Gut sense: Immune health starts with the gut

Why the gut could be our single most important tool in strengthening the immune system.

Steve Prescott, ProBiotix Health


High cholesterol: More than just a cardiovascular risk

Are high cholesterol levels also associated with other diseases?

Dana Leenheer, NSF Certified for Sport, NSF International


What concerns do college coaches and student athletes have about sports supplements?

A coaching survey on dietary supplements emphasizes the need for teamwork and education.

Lisa Olivo


Trending joint health ingredients expand the dietary supplement formulator’s toolbox

Consumers look to emerging joint health ingredients like collagen, turmeric, eggshell membrane, and MSM for support.

Heidi Rosenberg


How B2B businesses should communicate with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

A communications expert’s advice for staying visible and being transparent and open with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drew Mound, IFF


Winning the plant-based gummy game: Switching from gelatin to plant-based polymers involves strategic planning

An expert discusses key considerations that must be accounted for when switching to a plant-based gummy.

Simon Sum, Herbalife Nutrition


High-protein snacks and the search for healthier options

As more shoppers seek out high-protein snacks, how can they tell which ones are truly better? One company took a look.

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