Simon Pettman


EU Nutrient Profiles: Back on the Table?

Are EU nutrient profiles back on the agenda, under the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation?

Stacey Gillespie


Whole-Food Supplements: A Growing Force

Whole-food supplements are a growing force in the supplements aisle.

Stacy Berver


Marketing: What's in a Name?

List renting is a huge business in direct marketing. If you don’t know where to find the right customer list, or know what to look for in a list, your product promotion could literally fall into the wrong hands.

Stefani Thionnet


2014 Social Media Trends: What Do They Mean for Your Private-Label Supplement Business?

The private-label supplement industry is especially reliant on social media and the web, so staying on top of the latest social media trends is key to connecting with your health and supplement customers.

Steve Mister


An Evolving Consumer Landscape for Dietary Supplements

Two decades later, supplement users seek choice, take control.

Steve Siegel


Ingredient Spotlight: Prickly Pear

Cactus fruits offer ample nutrition in an exotic package.

Steven Hanson


Marketing Branded Ingredients

How to develop and implement a branded-ingredient strategy.

Steven Luff


Components of a Successful Beverage

A manufactured beverage’s taste is its raison d’etre-its purpose for being. In the words of Scott Backman, market development manager, functional food and food technology for global ingredient supplier Cognis Nutrition & Health (La Grange, IL), “Taste is the most important factor in a beverage. The consumer has an expectation when consuming a beverage. If that expectation is not met, the beverage will fail.”

Susan Zaripheh


Functional Ingredients

Originally Published

Tang S. Peng


The Importance of a Trustworthy Certificate of Analysis

We all know the importance of raw materials to a high-quality product. Raw materials are in fact the foundation of a qualified final product.

Taylor Wallace


Daily-Value Dilemma

Could potential legislative changes affect what Daily Values mean on nutrition labels?

Tennille Marx


Ingredient Spotlight: 7-Keto-DHEA, Raspberry Ketones

It is extremely important to assess whether current research on these ingredients lives up to media hype.

Terry Gieseke


Soy Protein Ingredients

The soy ingredient industry has seen dramatic improvements in both process and application technologies, particularly over the last decade. Food and beverage manufacturers are defining specific issues as they include soy ingredients in formulations.

Terry Lemerond


Curcumin Complexities: Do Consumers Understand Claims Made for Turmeric versus Curcumin?

As demand for curcumin supplements rises, so can consumer confusion.

Terry R. Lack


Ingredient Spotlight: Hibiscus

An ancient flower blossoms into a valued ingredient.

The European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers


EU Health Claims Transition: Why So Little Time?

Companies need a workable time frame in which to comply with the European Commission's Article 13.1 health claims regulation.

The International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations


Food Additives: Slow Progress (Reflections on the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Food Additives’ recent meeting)

Progress on the GSFA at the 43rd session was very slow, and a number of agenda items were held over until next year. However, some items relevant to supplements were discussed.

The Life Sciences Research Office


The Future of Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics, the science of how chemicals in food affect health by altering the expression and/or structure of an individual’s genetic makeup, was chosen to be the premier emerging issue to be addressed by CEIS.

Thomas Pauquai


The EU Novel Food System Aims to Become Faster-and Better

How the European Union’s new novel food regulation aims to quicken time to market and boost innovation.

Tim Baudler


From Our Brand Director: Behind a Great Industry Lies Great People

Happy Holidays, and welcome to Nutritional Outlook’s premier Best of Industry issue and People to Watch Directory!

Tim Devey


Move Over, Gluten-Free. Ancient Grains Are Back!

A primer on ancient grains, courtesy of grain miller Honeyville Inc.

Tobey-Ann Pinder


Regulatory Changes in Canada

Crucial transition periods related to Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulation.

Todd Pauli


Smart Dietary Supplement Marketing: Leverage Both Ingredient Suppliers and Retailers

Collaboration is the name of the natural products game, with you-the product marketer-quarterbacking the campaign.

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