Tryggvi Stefánsson, PhD


Astaxanthin Is a Heart-Health Ingredient with Growing Science

Research has shown that astaxanthin can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, improve lipid profiles, and promote better blood flow.

Josh Hendrix


5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hemp Plant

In honor of Hemp History Week, Josh Hendrix, director of business development for CBD supplier CV Sciences Inc., shared with us five lesser-known facts about the hemp plant.



Sabroxy: Nootropic for Optimal Brain Health

Nootropics are supplements that help support memory, focus and concentration for optimal brain function.

Justin Bath


What Does High-Quality Ingredient Testing Look Like?

The need for quality assurance is more important in the dietary supplements industry than ever before. Here is a primer covering the basics of high-quality testing.

Vinit Patil


Probiotic Use Growing in Animal Feed and Nutrition

High probiotic demand from farmers and the companion pet sectors are expected to boost the adoption of advanced probiotic technologies for animals, according to Grand View Research.

Sebastian Krawiec


Asiros Nordic’s prebiotic berry juice powders will not be authenticated with nuclear magnetic resonance

Polyphenol-fingerprinting with NMR is considered by many research scientists to be among the most accurate analytical tools used for botanical identification testing, ensuring purity, authenticity, and consistency.

Greg Cumberford


Plant-based omega fatty acids can help sustain heart health from early life

A heart-healthy lifestyle should start early in life. Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation can help.

Bill Harris


Omega-3 Cochrane meta-analysis is highly flawed, researcher writes

Bill Harris, PhD, omega-3 researcher and founder of OmegaQuant, says a recent Cochrane report is biased because it ignores a large body of evidence showing favorable effects of EPA and DHA on cardiovascular risk.

Daniel Erickson


Recall ready: How nutraceutical manufacturers should prepare

How ERP systems help companies mitigate risk and vet their recall preparedness.

Catalent Pharma Solutions


The Shift to “Experiential” in the Supplement Market

December 9, 2021 at 11am EST | 8am PST | 5pm CET | 4pm GMT Consumers want new ways of ingesting their daily dose of supplements. Join us as we discuss the latest trends.

Kimberly Hogan


Overcoming plant protein sensory challenges

How sensory mapping can help match the optimal plant protein source with the right product application.

Yanjun Zhang


Can DNA testing really be done on botanical extracts? Herbalife conducts its own trial.

Herbalife scientists tested the company's own green tea extract product for DNA content.

Nutritional Outlook


eBook: 2020 Immune Health Showcase

This special e-book highlights many of the ingredient and service providers supporting this important market

Zhengfei Lu, PhD


Botanical adulteration: Today’s testing tools combat fraud

Companies should utilize all tools to fight botanical adulteration in the manufacture of botanical products.

David Lemley


Is your nutrition brand a commodity, or is it a category winner? Packaging makes all the difference, an expert says.

A branding expert advises how a compelling brand story, told strategically on packaging that plays in digital and real-world spaces, will separate the winners from the commodities.

Max Timko


The challenges of encapsulating CBD oil products

Like all oils, CBD oils are vulnerable to heat, air, and light that can cause oxidation and alter the efficacy of the oil.

Matthew Oster


The next stage of sports nutrition

Where will future sports nutrition opportunities come from? It might not be in the U.S., says Euromonitor.

Grace Kaucic


How to find a CBD supplier you can actually trust: Guest article

Quick tips on scrutinizing the CBD supply chain from a hemp extract and CBD company.

Jiang Hu


Aloe vera does not present risk of increased exposure to hydroxyanthracene compounds, Herbalife Nutrition researchers find

A lead toxicologist from Herbalife Nutrition discusses how her team conducted a study to measure the presence of hydroxyanthracene compounds in Aloe vera.



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