The Immunity Opportunity – Beta-Glucan from Algae


Consumers are actively supplementing to support their immune health. Learn how a proprietary source of microalgae, Euglena gracilis, is a unique, yeast-free beta-glucan that delivers immune health results.

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Event Overview:
The immune health market continues to rapidly grow, with an anticipated global market value of $25 billion USD by 2025 due to consumers’ increased awareness and attention to health and wellness. A unique source of microalgae, Euglena gracilis, is the latest efficacious ingredient to shake up the immune-health market. In this webcast, learn about how beta-glucans work in the immune system and how Euglena gracilis has been demonstrated to prime key immune cells, resulting in reduced upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.
Also learn about how:
• Consumers are interested in and are prioritizing immune health in their supplementation regimens
• Not all beta-glucans provide the same immune health benefit

Key Learning Objectives:
• Understand the growing consumer interest in immune health and its expansive market growth
• Learn about a unique and proprietary source of microalgae called Euglena gracilis and why you should care about the specific beta-glucan from Euglena for immune health
• Learn about how Kemin’s BetaVia Complete and BetaVia Pure Euglena gracilis beta 1,3 glucan directly interacts with key immune cells to support a healthy immune system and reduce symptoms

Speakers: Kim Edwards, MBA, Global Product Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Chris Sadewasser, Technical Services Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Anisha Rathi, Ph.D., Technical Services Manager, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

Time and Date: Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019 at 2pm EST | 1pm CST | 11am PST

On demand available after airing until Nov. 6, 2020

Sponsor: Kemin Human Nutrition and Health

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