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illustration of aging person losing memory
Study finds that magnesium L-threonate may impact synaptic configuration to support cognitive function during aging

July 2nd 2024

The magnesium L-threonate used in the study is marketed as Magtein by ThreoTech and distributed by AIDP. The study was conducted by neuroscientists from Neurocentria and Tsinghua University.

mother and son on the beach
Balchem has launched a choline-enriched folate ingredient called Optifolin+

May 23rd 2024

older woman smiling
Kaneka Nutrients announces positive results of consumer research on its Ubiquinol ingredient for menopause symptoms

May 21st 2024

illustrations of neurons
New study shows that vitamin K2 as MK-7 may have neuroprotective qualities

May 17th 2024

vitamin D illustration
A calcidiol monohydrate ingredient from dsm-firmenich has received novel food authorization in Europe

May 16th 2024

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