High-Calcium-Fortified Chocolate Now Easier, Thanks to New Technology


Delavau's fortification technology can create chocolate with calcium content equal to a glass of milk.

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Calcium supplier Delavau (Philadelphia) is bringing its fortification expertise to the chocolate category. Using its patented Accent fortification technique, the company can create chocolate that truly does the body good with a good or excellent source of calcium.

“Our patented calcium-fortification technology creates a chocolate or compound coating that delivers the same amount of calcium as a serving of milk, while maintaining the eating experience of the chocolate,” explained company vice president and general manager Jeff Billig in a press release.

He added, “We’ve been very pleased by the initial feedback from experts in the chocolate market who’ve been surprised to find that we’re able to incorporate this level of calcium in a chocolate or compound coating without negatively impacting the sensory experience.”

Delavau is looking to this new calcium-fortified format for snacks, meal-replacement bars, baked goods, and, of course, confectionery.

There are added benefits to working calcium into the chocolate, compound coating, or inclusion, instead of keeping it in the base of the bar, the company says. “It creates an opportunity to add even more of the ingredients that consumers demand, such as protein or fiber,” Billig said.

The company’s ongoing fortification innovation includes a new patent related to minerals.


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine

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