Author | Robby Gardner


Vitamin D and calcium are still popular for bone health, but so are emerging contenders

April 09, 2019

Three ingredients that outperformed their previous year’s sales were magnesium, vitamin K, and collagen, according to SPINS.

CBD products, from coffee to condiments and cosmetics

February 13, 2019

From snack foods and condiments to coffee, tea, and even mascara, here’s a look at the CBD product market today.

Polyphenols tied to lower risk of cognitive decline in new studies

August 08, 2018

Researchers have concluded that a diet rich in polyphenols may lower the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease late in life.

Pterostilbene shows diabetic support in mouse study

August 01, 2018

Small administrations of pterostilbene and resveratrol were deemed useful in protecting mice from diabetic health problems, according to results of a recent study.