How botanicals are boosting energy and aiding sleep health

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Brands can gain a lot by promoting botanicals in their food and drink products for energy and relaxation, according to FMCG Gurus data.

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In today’s post-pandemic world, consumers want products to help them recharge and revive. In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in demand for food and drink products that provide an energy boost. Simultaneously, food and drink products that aid relaxation are also trending. Botanical ingredients play a growing role in both kinds of products.

Natural Energy

Consumers perceive more value in natural energy drinks. For instance, 68% of global consumers associate 100% naturally produced energy drinks with being premium and of higher quality. In addition, during today’s cost-of-living crisis, consumers want food and drink products that they deem to be good value for their money and that offer maximum efficacy, and they are seeing enhanced value in naturally made products. This indicates that energy drink brands should focus on more natural ingredients and streamlined ingredient lists to appeal to this interest in natural, authentic, energy-boosting food and drinks.

Further to this appeal of natural production, a significant portion of global consumers have expressed interest in the use of botanicals in energy drinks. FMCG Gurus consumer insights reveal that 46% of consumers state that botanicals and botanical flavors would increase their consumption of energy drinks. This illustrates that consumers are looking for green and clean ways to boost their energy. The use of botanicals such as ginger, dandelion, chai, and spearmint is of particular appeal to consumers. These ingredients not only aid energy but can also support multiple areas of emotional wellness.

Relaxation and Sleep Health

Botanicals are associated with improving sleep health due to their links with enhancing feelings of relaxation. FMCG Gurus consumer insights highlight that 74% of consumers associate herbs and botanicals with improving sleep patterns. This indicates that consumers are prioritizing botanicals in certain food and drink products to help with relaxation and unwinding before bed. For example, many sleep supplements which are enriched with botanicals, such as lemon balm, naturally aid relaxation and sleep health. Such ingredients are also deemed natural, clean, and free from chemicals, which enhances their appeal to consumers and reassures them that these products support both health and the wider environment.

Botanical Boons

Food and drink products that conveniently offer either an energy boost or feelings of relaxation will help consumers navigate their busy lives without comprising on their physical and emotional wellness. Consumers want to holistically improve their overall health and emotional wellness through the use of natural and trusted ingredients, and brands can gain a lot by promoting botanicals in their food and drink products.

It is essential that brands remain transparent about the ingredients in their food and drink products by using clear ingredient lists and clean labels, as well as ingredients backed up with clinically proven evidence. This will negate skepticism around greenwashing and instead offer reassurance and increase consumer perceptions of the validity of natural claims.

This article is based on data from FMCG Gurus’ “Recharge & Revive in 2023” report. For more information, please email

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