Men’s healthy-aging supplements market: New ingredient research, new delivery forms

September 4, 2019

Healthy-aging marketers have traditionally focused on female consumers, but in recent years, healthy-aging products for men have gained popularity as older men turn to supplementation to help maintain their vitality and fitness levels.

Golan Raz, head of the global health division at Lycored (Secaucus, NJ), says that the healthy-aging space is shifting toward a unisex approach where both women and men are now seeking products that can help them combat the effects of aging. “This is wonderfully demonstrated in the ingestible skincare space,” Raz says. “More and more men are realizing that beautifully aging skin isn’t just the domain of women.”

A recent Lycored survey of 313 men over the age of 50 found that the top health concerns for older men are diabetes and heart disease. Cardio-metabolic wellness, Raz said in a Lycored press release, is a significant source of anxiety for older men. Raz says that living a healthy lifestyle and ensuring proper nutrition are multifunctional activities that support heart, brain, and prostate health—all key areas of concern for aging men.

Demand for male-oriented healthy-aging products has risen, and brands are developing and researching new and established products in response. Ahead, we summarize new research and other new developments in men’s healthy-aging ingredients.



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