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Products putting turmeric in the spotlight

Photo: By pairing whey protein and curcumin, EuroPharma not only leverages two very popular ingredients but also promotes muscle building and healing. (Photo from EuroPharma)



Whether searching for a supplement or snack, shoppers have no shortage of turmeric- and curcumin-containing products to choose from these days. We asked experts which items have jumped off the shelves at them lately.


Shavon Jackson-Michel, ND, Scientific & Medical Affairs, DolCas Biotech (Landing, NJ): “DolCas Biotech–Arjuna Naturals is excited to see their BCM-95-branded turmeric extract in gummies conducive to children and others who prefer not to swallow pills or be held hostage to expensive bars and drinks. People in these categories could benefit from a clinically relevant dose of BCM-95 in this format and without adding too many sugars or calories to their regimens. This product is being prototyped with hopes for a launch as early as the second quarter.”

Cheryl Myers, Head of Scientific Affairs & Education, EuroPharma (Green Bay, WI): “What makes EuroPharma’s recently launched Terry Naturally Curamin Enhanced Whey Protein special is the addition of our Curamin clinically proven curcumin. Every scoop of the Curamin whey protein is like taking a full tablet of our Curamin Extra Strength product, which helps athletes bounce back from muscle damage faster because it facilitates healing by reducing some of the inflammatory processes that happen with muscle building. In addition, there’s nothing that I know of that’s better for post-exercise pain than Curamin Extra Strength…There really is a rationale of why we put those two popular ingredients together. We wanted to offer something that wasn’t just whey but that could help consumers with some of their other health concerns as well.”

Lu Ann Williams, Research Manager, Innova Market Insights (The Netherlands): “Turmeric is moving into a wide array of market categories. Tea and juice and juice drinks are popular product avenues for turmeric applications. We’re also seeing turmeric/curcumin as a star ingredient in snacks and even chocolate. New product examples recently launched include Daily Greens Green Ade Orange–Turmeric Juice with Chlorella in the U.S., Lifefood Crawnchies Pumpkin Curcuma Organic Bio Raw Chips in the UK, and Trader Joe’s Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar, again in the U.S.”


Photo: Supermarket chain Waitrose recently debuted the UK’s first yogurt featuring turmeric. (Photo from Waitrose)


Julian Mellentin, Director, New Nutrition Business (London): “Waitrose is a 120-year-old, UK-wide supermarket chain with a reputation for high quality that’s owned jointly by its employees and a charitable trust-making it more attractive than Wal-Mart to shoppers with a strong moral compass. The retailer has debuted the UK’s first yogurt to feature turmeric; it may even be the first in Europe. The company is good at sensing trends, so its newest yogurt lineup under its own brand has a vegetable theme, including a pineapple, butternut squash, and turmeric flavor. Is there enough turmeric in one 125-g pot to make a difference to your health? Probably not. But that’s not the point. Turmeric is trendy, adds vibrant color to the finished product, and is a nice health halo for the ever-growing number of people who want to get more of it into their diets.”


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