Making Use of Acid Whey


Arla Foods has devised a way for Greek yogurt manufacturers to use one of the processes most common by-products.

Acid whey is a by-product of the Greek strained yogurt manufacturing process that is typically disposed of, often with environmental consequences. Arla Foods Ingredients (Viby J, Denmark) has devised a way for the reuse of acid whey utilizing its Nutrilac brandprotein.

Manufacturers of Greek yogurt typically have three alternatives when it comes to disposing of acid whey: it can be incorporated into animal feed, used in the biofuels market, or it can be discarded (the least environmentally-friendly choice) – and each option bears high handling costs and low returns. Arla’s newly devised process uses milk-based Nutrilac protein to convert the acid into dairy products like fermented beverages, whey smoothies and fermented desserts that are calcium-rich, high protein, and contain essential amino acids.

What’s more, the company said this concept is also a perfect fit for other applications where acid whey is a by-product, including quark production.

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