On-the-Go Protein Pouch Targets Children’s Sports Drinks Market


E-hydrate’s new Kids Protein On-the-Go drink mix contains 10 grams of whey protein.

Image provided by E-hydrate.

Image provided by E-hydrate.

Just over six months since the September launch of its Protein On-the-Go ready-to-mix protein pouch, E-hydrate is rolling out a new on-the-go protein drink mix designed specifically for children. The new Kids Protein On-the-Go pouch, including 10 grams of “tri-whey protein, 70 calories, and 4 grams of sugar, is now available in Target stores nationwide.

The simplicity of the protein pouches-you just have to add water and shake-makes the product ideal for lunch boxes or as a sports drink, says E-hydrate. Currently available in cinnamon roll and milk chocolate flavors, the Kids Protein On-the-Go pouches also contain more electrolytes than many leading sports drinks, E-hydrate claims.

“With the release of our new Kids Protein On-the-Go, E-hydrate fills the gap in healthy and natural on-the-go nutrition products for kids,” said Jim Kayser, E-hydrate’s CSO. “E-hydrate’s popular and sweet flavors finally make it easy for parents to get their kids the nutrition they need. We couldn’t be happier to be rolling this out nationally, at Target stores-thus ensuring that everyone can find it, closer to where they live.”

In addition to the drink pouches, E-hydrate also offers gel products and stick packs with the positioning of high protein, hydration, and/or immune health.  


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Associate Editor
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