Gelita opens biotech hub to sustainably develop proteins for nutrition, cosmetics, and more

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The company’s goal is to develop and optimize microorganisms in order to produce organic compounds such as proteins.

Collagen peptides supplier Gelita AG (Eberbach, Germany) has opened a center for biotechnology in Frankfurt am Main. At this site, the company is using biotechnology to develop and optimize microorganisms in order to produce a wide range of organic compounds. To start with, the company’s focus is using biotechnology to develop proteins for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.

“Biotechnology overcomes the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes,” said the site’s laboratory manager, Christoph Schorsch, PhD, in a press release. “Biotechnology-produced proteins enable us to manufacture alternatives of consistently high quality and with optimized properties—in some cases even more resource-efficiently and sustainably than conventional means.”

The site’s location in Frankfurt is near biotech-based industrial and research industries, with the anticipation of attracting well-trained, experienced specialists.

The company says its onward investment in biotechnology represents its mission to create a “broader, sustainable product portfolio.”

“Investing in Gelita’s Biotech Hub is a clear commitment to biotechnology, a key and future-oriented 21st-centry technology that offers enormous innovation potential,” said Sven Abend, PhD, CEO of Gelita AG, at the site’s opening ceremony. “It allows us to meet the growing demand of international markets sustainably and with new offers. At the same time, the new research laboratory underlines our commitment to innovation in our markets and our goal of sustainable, profitable growth.”