Wacker Spotlights Curcumin at FI Asia


Cavamax cycoldextrin-enhanced curcumin products are billed to yield healthier, more bioavailable formulations.

Wacker Chemie AG (Munich) used its presence at this week’s Food Ingredients (FI) Asia 2013to focus on new research supporting its range of Cavamax enhanced curcumin products.

Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric, is considered to be a robust antioxidant with excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties; however its natural hydrophobic tendencies restrict its formulating capabilities and subsequent absorption into the human blood stream.

The company said a recent clinical trial found that when curcumin is paired with hydrophilic cyclodextrins, the product is absorbed 45 times more efficiently than the standard extract – up to 4.5 times better than comparable commercial products. Wacker pointed out that its cyclodextrins  are animal product-free and bioengineered from renewable, naturally starchy raw materials.

The compay’s Cavamax W8 curcumin product is enhanced with gamma-cyclodextrin, which makes it easier to incorporate the ordinarily hydrophobic powdered curcumin into tableted and encapsulated food supplements, as well as other functional foods and beverages. Similarly, the Wacker’s Cavamax W6 employs alpha-cyclodextrin, another form of the stabilizing additive. Cavamax W6 is designed to replace the sodium caseinate, an emulsifier that’s commonly added to coconut milk powder to make it creamy.

Wacker’s Cavamax cyclodextrin-enhanced products not only protect against volatile coconut aromas during spray drying, they also yield stable, low calorie, cholesterol-free (egg and fat-free) food products that are also hypoallergenic.

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