Wacker Announces More Efficient Gum Base for Chewing Gums

The company says its Capiva S has multiple advantages over conventional gum bases.

Wacker (Munich, Germany) has introduced its Capiva S gum base to a number of regional markets, and the company says this gum base has a whole lot of advantages.

A solid resin, Capiva S is said to offer faster flavor release in gum, thus requiring fewer flavor ingredients in the overall formulation. Because the resin has high resistance to oxidation, Wacker says the ingredient can enable extended shelf life, too. Capiva S achieves elasticity without the need for additional elastomers and rosins. Additionally, the ingredient is reportedly less sticky than conventional alternatives.

Wacker’s new gum base is approved for use in Europe and China. It’s pending approval for the United States and other regions around the globe.