Vegetable-Source Glucosamine Supplier Licenses Patent for New Manufacturing Method


ENI has signed a licensing agreement for a new patented method of producing glucosamine through a microbial fermentation process.

Photo © Marchal

Photo © Marchal

Glucosamine, a popular ingredient in joint health dietary supplements that is often derived from shellfish, has been dogged by concerns of raw material pollution and allergic side effects. Shellfish-derived glucosamine was even the target of intensified regulatory restrictions last year. But sourcing glucosamine from non-animal sources may sidestep many of these issues.

Glucosamine supplier Ethnical Naturals Inc. (ENI; San Anselmo, CA) has licensed a new patented method for producing N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine through a microbial fermentation process. The license agreement, which ENI signed with Arkion Life Sciences (ALS; New Castle, DE), enables ENI to make, sell, import, and export the vegetable-source glucosamine wherever ALS has issued parents and patent applications.  The vegetable-source glucosamine will be marketed under ENI’s GreenGrown Glucosamine brand.

“Almost all glucosamine today is produced as a by-product of the Asian shellfish industry, which is often considered ecologically unsustainable,” says Cal Bewicke, CEO, ENI. “Producing glucosamine from this shellfish residue also results in high acid waste products which are hard to dispose of. GreenGrown offers an alternative to these problems.”

ENI says its new vegetable-source glucosamine option may allow a market option for supplement manufacturers looking to reach vegetarian and vegan consumers, or those suffering from allergies. Manufacturers using this vegetable-source glucosamine could avoid the need for those pesky allergy label warnings, says ENI.


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Michael Crane
Associate Editor
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