Tricia DiPersio is Folium Biosciences’ new EVP of quality, compliance & customer relations


Tricia DiPersio, PhD, RD joined the executive team at Folium Biosciences as the company’s first EVP of quality, compliance and customer relations.


Tricia DiPersio, EVP of Quality, Compliance & Customer Relations, Folium Biosciences

Tricia DiPersio, PhD, RD. joined the executive team at Folium Biosciences (Colorado Springs, CO) as the company’s first EVP of quality, compliance and customer relations. Prior to joining Folium, she oversaw quality and compliance for food, beverages, and supplements at Wild Oats Markets (now Whole Foods), developed and led the organic produce program and the food safety and quality team for Target’s private-label products, and worked for 10 years overseeing quality, regulatory compliance, and customer relations for Panda Restaurant Group.

“We are committed to setting the CBD industry standard when it comes to quality, compliance and customer relations,” Folium’s CEO and co-founder Kashif Shan said in a press release. “That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Dr. DiPersio to our team. She’s led food safety, quality and regulatory compliance for some of the largest and most respected food and retail brands in the world – experience that will catapult our programs far ahead of any other CBD producer, manufacturer or distributor. Her expertise will play an integral role in Folium’s industry leadership.”

DiPersio said in a press release: “Putting my skills and experience to work to help Folium advance its unrivaled CBD products is exciting on both a personal and professional level. Personally, I’ve seen how CBD can be a life-changer. Ever since my niece was able to add CBD to the treatment regimen for her seizure disorder, she’s had fewer seizures and been able to reduce the need for drug therapies. So, from that vantage point, nothing could be more rewarding than helping to advance a solution that has the potential to improve lives. But also, professionally, it’s incredibly exciting to help an emerging industry lay a solid foundation for its expansion and growth, and even more thrilling to be doing so as part of one of the most respected companies in the industry.”

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