The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry launches network of cannabinoid service providers


The network is called Green Bridge Gateway and aims to help companies overcome hurdles of entering the UK and EU cannabinoid markets.

Photo from The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry

Photo from The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI; London) has launched a new network called Green Bridge Gateway that offers services from providers with cannabinoids expertise. These companies offer to support companies outside of the UK and the EU that need guidance in entering either of these markets.

The Green Bridge Gateway network now includes four companies: Global Regulatory Services, ADSL, Shweed, and Chem ID. Together, they provide help with new product development, analytical testing, toxicology testing, chemical data management, supply chain management, and business development strategy.

The network targets industries including medical, food and drink, and cosmetics. “Green Bridge Gateway provides a unique range of services which will enable legal cannabis companies across the globe to secure market entry to the UK and EU,” stated ACI’s co-founder Steve Moor, in a press release. “This unique partnership will provide expert guidance to help any business with ambitions to expand into one or both territories, with the confidence that every regulatory requirement will be met.”

Mark Bowes Cavanagh, CEO of ADSL, added, “We have been working closely with ACI for the past four years, being very successful in novel food applications. We are very excited to be part of the Green Bridge Gateway ecosystem, helping customers navigate the complex CBD world, changing regulations, data review, and testing requirements. We guide our clients every step of the way.”

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