Symrise Unveils Mint Flavors Portfolio


"Think mint" houses the company's mint flavors and cooling ingredients.

Symrise Inc. (Teterboro, NJ) is repositioning itself as an expert mint supplier with “think mint,” an umbrella brand for the company’s mint flavors and cooling ingredients.

Mint (Mentha L.) has a wealth of use for flavoring and mouth cooling, especially in oral care products, candies, and chewing gums. Symrise can offer natural and synthetic mint flavors and more sophisticated mint solutions, like its Optaflow ingredient for improved mouthfeel of oral hygiene products and Optafresh for clean-feeling neutralization of bad–breath bacteria.

As a reassurance for customers, Symrise also controls a portion of its raw materials to ensure adequate, year-round mint supply.

“Mint belongs to the basic components of modern and innovative products for oral and dental care,” says Ralf Hecker, vice president of Symrise’s oral care global business unit. “Its characteristic profile is popular with consumers, and no other taste direction provides the same feeling of purity and freshness.”

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