Sustainable CoffeeFruit Pure Antioxidant Ingredient Offers Healthy-Aging Benefits


The new "superfruit ingredient" debuted at SupplySide West 2017.

Photograph by Maksym Kozlenko/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-4.0

With the launch of CoffeeFruit Pure at this September’s SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas, product developers in the health-and-wellness space now have a new superfruit ingredient at the ready for delivering nutritional benefits with an eye to sustainability.

Hawaii-based CoffeeFruit Pure uses a proprietary water-based extraction process to turn the skin and pulp of the coffee fruit-typically considered waste material following removal of the coffee bean-as the source of what the company, in a press statement, calls “pure and sustainable antioxidant ingredients.”

Independent testing indicates that the antioxidants in CoffeeFruit Pure exceed the purity and potency of those derived from other trending fruit-based superfoods-açaí and pomegranate, for example-particularly as regards phenolic and chlorogenic acid content.

As Stuart Nixon, business development director at CoffeeFruit, notes in the press statement, “CoffeeFruit Pure was developed with a mission to leverage the exceptional nutritional value of coffee fruit, while making use of the previously discarded fruit material found in traditional coffee production. We are delighted to introduce this innovative new ingredient, and believe it has tremendous market potential. It provides not only nutritional and healthy aging support, but also brings compelling benefits to local communities and the environment.”

More specifically, CoffeeFruit processes the delicate coffee fruit immediately post-harvest-before decay and fermentation produce harmful mycotoxins that could contaminate local lands and waterways, the company explains. And in a bid that appeals to clean-label consumers, the ingredient is made via a gentle process that’s free of harsh chemicals and solvents-a process the company claims leaves the ingredient’s purity, nutritional benefits and antioxidant credentials undiminished.

Available as a liquid, powder or tea cut, the ingredient is suitable for formulation into a range of sustainable, health-and-wellness foods, beverages, dietary supplements and personal-care products.

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