Stauber is a TruMarine Collagen Distributor

Nutritional OutlookNutritional Outlook Vol. 17 No. 2
Volume 17
Issue 2

The California-based company will market Nippi's collagen peptides in the United States.

Ready to build a collagen market in the United States, Nippi Collagen (Burnaby, BC, Canada) has named Stauber Performance Ingredients (Fullerton, CA) as its official U.S. distributor of TruMarine collagen.

TruMarine collagen peptides is a virtually odorless, taste-free, and certified kosher ingredient. The ingredient is purported to support beauty and skin health by improving skin moisture and reducing deep wrinkles. Joint and bone health may also benefit from collagen peptides as these ingredients may repair joint matrix degeneration while restoring bone mineral density. The collagen market is already substantial in Japan, where it is found in various product formats, and suppliers like Nippi are hoping the ingredient’s popularity will catch on in North America.

A recent partnership with Unistraw to market collagen drinking straws could make the transition that much easier.

Globally, collagen is supplied from a variety of animal sources. But Nippi says its marine source consists of small type-1 collagen peptides that have enhanced bioavailability and digestibility.

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