Probiotic Blend for Pets Comes in Tiny Tablet


Hyperbiotics (Henderson, NV) released its new PRO-Pets formula, an “ultra-tiny,” beef-flavored tablet for dogs and cats that combines six probiotic strains.

Image provided by Hyperbiotics.

Image provided by Hyperbiotics.

Hyperbiotics (Henderson, NV) has released a new, “ultra-tiny” probiotic tablet product that is designed to enhance the gut bacteria in both dogs and cats. The new PRO-Pets formula comes in beef-flavored tablets that combine 3 billion colony-forming units of six different probiotic strains: B. lactis, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, B. longum, and L. reuteri.

Each spherical PRO-Pets tablet is less than a quarter of an inch in diameter, and the probiotic strains were chosen “to expose pets to a healthy, diverse variety of strains and to properly counter the indiscriminate effects of widespread antibiotics, the natural aging process, and the range of items that make it into their diet and affect their health,” according to the launch announcement. Hyperbiotics suggests potential health benefits of supplementing with PRO-Pets may include reducing inflammation associated with exercise, lowering stress levels, promoting healthy body weight, and maximizing nutritional intake from foods and supplements.

“We designed PRO-Pets to help your treasured companion live more healthy days,” said Jamie Morea, co-founder of Hyperbiotics, in a press release. “Our new PRO-Pets formula replenishes beneficial bacteria for optimal digestive and immune health to help your pets feel their best each day-and give you peace of mind.”

Hyperbiotics adds that PRO-Pets is produced through the LiveBac manufacturing process and offer a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months after the date of manufacture without refrigeration. The tablets were also created with the BIO-tract delivery technology, which protects the probiotics from harmful digestive acids and releases them in a pet’s body them over the course of 8–10 hours.


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