PLT Health Solutions launches new ingredient to support muscle health


PLT Health Solutions has launched a new ingredient called Strengthera Muscle Maintenance+Vitality that is designed to support muscle health.

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PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ) has launched a new ingredient called Strengthera Muscle Maintenance+Vitality that is designed to support muscle health. According to PLT Health, the ingredient is supported by multiple clinical studies. The most recent study, showed a statistically significant improvement in muscle strength, muscle endurance, and physical function in subjects over the age of 55.

“Muscle health is important to aging well as it becomes more challenging to build and maintain muscle mass as we age,” said Seth Flowerman, president and CEO of PLT Health Solutions, in a press release. “Strengthera is an exciting breakthrough as it supports strength, endurance, stability and mobility, enhancing independence, vitality and overall quality of life. Strengthera is the latest addition to our industry-leading Mobility Solutions platform as well as an essential healthy aging ingredient.”

In the randomized, placebo-controlled study, which has yet to be published, 92 healthy men and women between the ages of 55 and 70 were randomized to receive 650 mg of Strengthera or placebo for 12 weeks, in conjunction with an at-home exercise program designed for older subjects. Researchers analyzed biomarkers, conduncted questionnaires, and measured muscle strength, muscle endurance, functional mobility, lean mass, and muscle quality at baseline, four weeks, eight weeks, and 12 weeks.

According to PLT Health Solutions, results showed that after four weeks, subjects taking Strengthera experienced statistically significant results. After 12 weeks, subjects taking Strengthera experienced a 4.2x improvement in lower body strength, a 4.5x improvement in grip strength, and a 1.5x improvement in muscle endurance compared to placebo. Researchers also observed that in walking tests, subjects saw a 1.9x greater improvement compared to placebo, based on distance and speed, as well as increases in lean mass, and energy and vitality as assessed by the SF-36 questionnaire.

“The ability to maintain strength is essential for remaining active and independent, which are key factors in good health,” said Jennifer Murphy, director of innovation and clinical development for PLT. “Grip strength, in particular, is not only considered an accurate indicator of vitality and overall muscle strength, but also a biomarker of longevity and a strong predictor of future health. Another important differentiator of this new study is that it included women. Too often muscle ingredients focus studies on men only, but of course, we know that due to physiological differences, benefits should be illustrated in both populations.”

The new ingredient will be featured at Natural Products Expo West 2024 (Booth #4005), in additional to another new ingredient, called Serezin, for sleep support. The company will also be highlighting the studies published or announced by the company since the last Expo West for ingredients such as AprèsFlex, Zynamite, Nutricog, and Slendacor.

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