PLT Health Solutions launches new ingredient marketed for pain relief and sleep support


PLT Health Solutions has announced the launch of a sleep support ingredient called Serezin Restorative Sleep + Pain Relief.

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PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ) has announced the launch of a sleep support ingredient called Serezin Restorative Sleep + Pain Relief. According to the company, Serezin is crafted from a synergistic blend of proprietary Boswellia serrata and ginger extracts, the ingredient has clinical evidence of pain relief, and in turn sleep and mood support. More specifically, PLT says that the ingredient helps people get to sleep faster, improves sleep quality, helps people wake more easily, supports alertness and better mood.

Serezin was investigated in a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study (not yet published) in which 60 healthy men and women between the ages of 50 and 70 years were given either 300 mg of the ingredient or placebo daily for four weeks. The subjects of the study were chosen because they were dealing with aches and pains that disturbed their sleep. According to PLT, results showed that subjects taking Serezin experienced more restful restorative sleep within a week, and by four weeks, experienced a 64% greater improvement in restorative sleep compared to placebo. Compared to placebo, they also saw significant improvements in getting to sleep (85%) and sleep quality (83%), compared to placebo.

PLT states the study also found that subjects taking Serezin experienced improvements in pain scores after seven days, and that by day 28, they had 2.6x less nighttime discomfort, and a 75% reduction in daytime discomfort compared to placebo. They saw a 2.2x improvement in overall mood as well. When pain impacts sleep, it can negatively impact people’s overall quality of life. Alleviating pain and promoting sleep can therefore critically improve quality of life, says Jennifer Murphy, director of innovation & clinical development for PLT, in a press release.

“While certain stages of sleep are considered more restorative based on the physiological functions observed during those sleep stages, the term Restorative Sleep is an independent and distinct concept that focuses on the qualitative experience of the benefits of sleep,” explains Murphy. “While many of us look to tracking devices to understand our sleep, these data often do not align with our experience. Waking up feeling rested, restored and refreshed is the defining characteristic of a great night’s sleep. By providing relief for nighttime aches and pain, Serezin unlocks the benefits of restorative sleep to help folks have better days, every day.”

PLT will be at booth #4005 at Expo West 2024, taking place in Anaheim, CA on March 12-16.

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