Ocean Spray Aims to Develop Better PAC Testing Method


The company says it will partner with Complete Phytochemical Solutions LLC to develop a new method for measuring cranberry PACs.

Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. (Middleboro-Lakeville, MA) says it will partner with Complete Phytochemical Solutions LLC (Cambridge, WI) to develop an improved method for measuring proanthocyanidins (PACs) in cranberry products.

PACs are now widely considered the primary compounds in cranberry that reduce the amount of bacteria that attaches to the bladder, causing urinary tract infections. But Ocean Spray contends that today’s standard methods need improving:


The two colorimetric methods currently used by the industry can deliver vastly different results. The recently introduced DMAC method provides an accurate quantification of PAC content…but can lead to an under-estimation of PAC content in products that are enriched in PACs of different sizes and lengths…Variations in processing techniques for cranberry products can lead to significant differences in PAC composition.


Ocean Spray and its scientific partner plan to develop a method that improves the accuracy of the DMAC method so that it can be used confidently across the cranberry industry, academic institutes, and research organizations around the world.

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