Nutritional Outlook's 2017 Best of the Industry Award Winners

Nutritional OutlookNutritional Outlook Vol. 20, No. 10
Volume 20
Issue 10

Congratulations to our 2016 Best of the Industry Award Winners: The American Herbal Products Association, Lycored, Brassica Protection Products, and Bühler Insect Technology Solutions.

Each December as Nutritional Outlook celebrates its Best of the Industry Awards, those of us here at the magazine take a moment to pause and review the nutraceuticals industry’s most impressive achievements over the past year. After reviewing an extensive list of nominees this year, we selected four industry members whose achievements in 2017 deserve special recognition. Each of these winners is excellent for a different reason. Each has a different area of expertise, and all are helping to advance the state of the industry.

Take the American Herbal Products Association. This year, the association rolled out an extensive, hands-on best-practices assessment tool designed to touch all cogs of the herbal industry, from growing and harvesting to manufacturing. If industry embraces this tool as it should, the result will be tightened quality control, transparency, and accountability up and down the botanical supply chain.

Then there are the suppliers who are helping to take their specialty ingredients to new heights. First, we recognize Lycored, whose innovative consumer marketing campaign for its Lycoderm lycopene nutricosmetic is helping to raise consumer awareness of the overall notion of supplementing for beauty from within. Lycored’s extensive consumer education efforts not only benefit the company itself, but also the industry at large.

We also recognize Brassica, a company that has spent the past two decades educating industry about broccoli glucoraphanin. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, the company is still finding new ways to innovate around its proprietary glucoraphanin ingredient, TrueBroc.

Finally, we turn to the future with Bühler Insect Technology, a joint venture between European firms Bühler and Protix. Bühler Insect Technology has a singular goal: to commercialize the production of insect-protein ingredients for human and animal nutrition. With the need for alternative protein solutions at an all-time high, the hope is that Bühler Insect Technology can show the rest of the world how to make insect protein a broadscale commodity.
Please join me in congratulating our 2017 Best of Industry winners!!


Industry Leader: American Herbal Products Association

Ingredient Supplier/Service Provider: Lycored

Ingredient Supplier/Service Provider: Brassica Protection Products

Ingredient Supplier/Service Provider: Bühler Insect Technology Solutions


Jennifer Grebow
Nutritional Outlook magazine

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