Nutrasource registers trademark for NutraStrong certification globally


NutraStrong certification verifies a company’s testing, label compliance, and GMP manufacturing standards.

Photo from Nutrasource

Photo from Nutrasource

Contract research organization Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services (Guelph, ON, Canada) announced it has registered the trademark for its new NutraStrong certification program “for a wide variety of goods and services” in Brazil, Japan, China, the European Union, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and India. These services include: 1) testing, evaluation, and certification of natural health products and pharmaceuticals, and 2) conducting clinical trials in the field of natural health products and pharmaceuticals.

The company also has trademark applications pending for these services in Canada and the United States. It has registered its logo in the European Union and the United Kingdom “for use with testing, evaluation, and certification of natural health products, and has pending applications for the logo in Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the United States for such services.”

Nutrasource introduced the NutraStrong program last fall. “NutraStrong is an industry-wide program that classifies products with relevant and specific standards for each product category, setting the baseline of quality and testing to ensure the market is providing customers with quality products,” the company’s press release states. “Designed to gatekeep against companies with misleading claims, inaccurate or false COAs”—Certificates of Analysis—“this program aims to prevent these products from being sold side by side with premium brands.”

In the press release, Kevin Yan, vice president, certifications and analytics, Nutrasource, added, “With the success of our current certification programs in the marine oil, non-GMO, and probiotic categories, we are happy to bring this success to other ingredient categories and continue to showcase high-quality brands and their products to consumers around the globe.”

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