Nutrasource launches NutraStrong certification seal verifying testing, label compliance, and GMP manufacturing standards


The new NutraStrong certification program addresses labeling, testing, and manufacturing.

Photo © iQoncept

Photo © iQoncept

Contract research organization Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services (Guelph, ON, Canada) has introduced its new, global NutraStrong certification program that spans labeling, testing, and manufacturing. “Designed to gatekeep against companies with misleading claims [and] inaccurate or false Certificates of Analysis (CoAs), this program aims to prevent these products from being sold side-by-side with premium brands,” the company’s press release states.

The NutraStrong certification program addresses four areas: 1) Testing standards (“per lot review of verified lab CoAs to ensure consistent compliance with industry standards as well as lab verification on initiation,” 2) Label compliance (“Initial label overview and regulatory compliance sign-off sheet,” 3) Manufacturing quality (“GMP or equivalent certification held on file and verified on program initiation”), and 4) Corporate values (“Multiple avenues to showcase and highlight corporate stewardship/causes that are supported. This includes other certification programs and charitable works.”).

In a press release, NutraSource’s President and CEO William Rowe explained, “The NutraStrong program, which is a protected seal globally, is built on our success in certifying marine oils and non-GMO status. The program branches out to all product categories within the nutrition industry and is reserved for best-in-class brands and branded-ingredient companies.” He says that “many large brands” are in the process of being certified through NutraStrong.

The NutraStrong program additionally includes two ingredient-specific arms, including one for prebiotics, which the company says was created with the support of the Global Prebiotic Association, and one for collagen.

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