New Water-Soluble Boswellia Extract Broadens Joint-Health Applications


The new AquaLox ingredient from PLT Health Solutions is a water-soluble version of the company’s 5-Loxin joint-health ingredient.

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Despite the popularity of Boswellia serrata extract in joint-health products, its lack of water-solubility and unpleasant taste has made it a challenging ingredient to work with in certain applications. But AquaLox, a new water-soluble Boswellia extract from PLT Health Solutions (Morristown, NJ), may allow for a much broader range of applications for the popular ayurvedic spice.

AquaLox is a water-soluble version of PLT’s established 5-Loxin ingredient, which has been studied for its beneficial effects on joint comfort and protection against cartilage degradation. PLT Health Solutions says the new ingredient has “a similar pharmacokinetic profile to 5-Loxin.”

In addition to its water-solubility, AquaLOX also marks a “major breakthrough” because of its pleasant taste profile, which PLT Solutions says now allows for the Boswellia serrata extract to be used in taste-sensitive delivery systems like gummies, chews, stick-packs, and shots for the first time.

“5-Loxin is a market-leading joint-health ingredient, available in well over a hundred consumer products on the market today,” says Seth Flowerman, executive vice president, PLT Health Solutions. “In a market that demands convenience and novel delivery systems, all Boswellia extracts were limited because of the challenging taste profile and lack of solubility-and the technology needed to achieve this was tricky. With AquaLOX, we are finally able to deliver on our customers’ wish list and extend the 5-Loxin franchise to a whole new range of products.”


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