NeuroActin Awarded Patent For Brain-Health Supplements


The patent describes how andrographolide has been “found to prevent and reverse neuropathology and stimulate neurogenesis.”

Photograph by Llez/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Photograph by Llez/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY-SA-3.0.

NeuroActin, an Andrographis paniculata extract from HP Ingredients (Bradenton, FL), has now been awarded a patent for its use in brain-health and cognitive-support supplements.

The patent describes how andrographolide, a major component of NeuroActin, “was found to prevent and reverse neuropathology and stimulate neurogenesis,” according to HP Ingredients.

Andrographolide’s mechanism of action involves the enzyme GSK-3b, which regulates the Wnt signaling pathway and plays a crucial role in neural tube formation and mid-brain development. Interruption of the Wnt pathway may impair learning and memory function, as well as reduce healthy neurogenesis.

“We found that andrographolide activates Wnt signaling and inhibits GSK-3b," says Nibaldo Inestrosa, co-inventor of the patent. “In doing so, andrographolide induces post-synaptic proteins and synaptic function, improves memory and spatial learning in APP Alzheimer-model mice, and stimulates neurogenesis.”

Another co-inventor of the patent, Juan Hancke, PhD, explains that andrographolide has also been found to prevent tau hyperphosphorylation, which can lead to neuronal cell death as microtubules lose stability and nutrients have difficulty moving through the cells.

A Nutritional Outlook story from last year explores recent research supporting both of these potential brain-health benefits of andrographolide.

“We are thrilled to learn of the potential of andrographolide in stimulating neurogenesis,” says Annie Eng, CEO, HP Ingredients. “While our specific in vitro experiments entail markers for Alzeheimer’s disease, our research indicates a much broader potential for andrographolide to treat other forms of cognitive impairment.”

Eng adds, “Although the dietary supplement industry cannot product supplements to treat a disease state, our patent supports the concept of protecting the brain’s structure, promoting better memory and sharper mind, and hence, its healthy functioning.”

The patent, US 2015/0352075 A1, is titled “Treatment of Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Impairment with Andrographolides.”


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