MegaFood’s first-ever impact report details social and sustainability progress

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Regenerative agriculture and worker equity are topline items.

MegaFood is sharing its first-ever impact report on the company’s progress in meeting its social and sustainability goals. Regenerative agriculture and worker equity are topline items for the certified B Corporation company.

“This impact report is our way to transparently communicate our sustainability progress and hold ourselves accountable to our impact and goals,” stated Andy Dahlen, MegaFood’s CEO, in the firm's press release.


Last year, the company began using hexcel paper wrap instead of bubble wrap, a move that eliminated 13,500 pounds of plastic used. It also implemented a shared truck-load service, which helped reduce 157,000 pounds of carbon emissions. On the delivery side of its business, a partnership with a third-party logistics firm resulted in an 80% reduction in carbon generated during the delivery process. Today, MegaFood is 100% powered by Native Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture remains a top company priority. The firm reports now helping to fund the Soil Carbon Accrual Project at the Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems at California State University, Chico.

MegaFood is also working with turmeric supplier Tripper Farm in Indonesia. Together with Tripper’s Agroforestry Project and Tripper’s sister company Origine, MegaFood organized workshops for farmers to train them on land management, improving soil fertility, and intercropping and cropping patterns, among other topics.

The company also reports spending more than $3 million on certified-organic ingredients in 2022.


Employee welfare is another top priority. MegaFood reports that 100% of its employees are being paid a living wage as calculated for the Greater Manchester/Nashua, New Hampshire, area. Gender pay equity is also an ongoing mission, as are worker safety; supporting employee volunteer time; and maintaining diversity, equity, and inclusion in its workforce.