Lycored launches high concentration of vitamin D3


Lycored has introduced a high concentration vitamin D3 that can be easily paired with other vitamins and minerals.

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Lycored (Branchburg, NJ) launched a concentrated vitamin D3, Capsudar D3 1000E, which delivers 1 million IU/g of vitamin D3. This ultra-high concentration (2.5% of pure vitamin D3) frees up space for other vitamins, minerals, and actives. The solution uses Capsudar, Lycored’s precision microencapsulation technology, which turns ingredients into stabile powders that remain viable throughout the rigors of processing, packaging and storage. A core of calcium phosphate is spray-coated with a layer of vitamin D3, and both are surrounded by a protective outside layer.

“One of the effects of the pandemic—and lockdowns—has been a surge in demand for vitamin D,” said Christiane Lippert, global product manager, vitamins, at Lycored, in a press release. “It’s a micronutrient that works best in combinations with other vitamins and minerals, so we set out to develop a product that would deliver maximum synergy between active ingredients. Thanks to our Capsudar encapsulation technology, we were able to create a powerful, super-concentrated D3 that overcomes formulation challenges and offers opportunities for fabulous pairings with a range of other actives.”

For example, Capsudar D3 1000E provides 81 mg toward a 1 g dose of calcium that can be easily combined with magnesium and vitamin K, an ideal combination for a multivitamin supplement. Available in all global markets, Capsudar D3 1000 is suitable for hard shell and tablet applications. It is free from silicon dioxide, maltodextrin, carbohydrates, and sugar and is kosher, halal, and vegetarian.

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