Kipster’s carbon-neutral eggs debut in the U.S. in partnership with Kroger


The eggs are cobranded with Kroger under the name “Simple Truth + Kipster.”

The Kipster Farm in North Manchester, IN. Photo from Kipster.

The Kipster Farm in North Manchester, IN. Photo from Kipster.

Carbon-neutral eggs are now available in the U.S. The eggs, from Dutch egg farmer Kipster (The Netherlands), are now being sold in the U.S. and are cobranded with grocery brand Kroger under the name “Simple Truth + Kipster.”

Kipster introduced its CarbonNeutral-certified eggs in 2017 in the Netherlands, calling them “the world’s first carbon-neutral eggs.” The company says it achieves carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions internally then offsetting the remainder with external carbon-reduction projects. The company also recovers heat from the air that leaves its barns, which is then used to preheat incoming air, further lowering emissions.

The company also feeds upcycled feed to its chickens and avoids using land that would otherwise traditionally be used to grow feed. As a result, the company says its feed has half the carbon footprint as conventional layer chicken feed. In a press release, the company says its chickens “eat a newly developed feed that is made of over 85% surplus and byproducts from crop and food processing, such as oat hulls and faulty pasta products.”

Kipster credits U.S. shell-egg producer MPS Egg Farms with helping “to bring this revolutionary and sustainable form of egg farming to the USA.” Kipster’s first American Kipster farm is designed for better animal welfare, complete with an indoor playground providing daylight and fresh air.

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